❥ berry
16 trans boyflux bun it he prns white autistic adhd anxiety + mentally ill
likes minsung, crds, sanrio, skz, peppa pig, pink, felix & lino, cereals, yeojin, cats, aespanaurr abelists, school, crowded places, loud noises, skz antisib ikisschris, vhopie

byf i hyperfix on felix & lino plz don't gatekeep them arnd me, i can't read tones so use tone tags unless i've said otherwise, if u sb i will hb u /srs, i'm ot4 my & ot6 ssera, i will shit on othrs 4 skz if provoked
dni -13/19+, basic criteria, take part in cancel culture, anti my ults, ot5 ssera /srs, tw food, won't admit ur wrong doings, atiny; army; deobi or moanote i don't condone the problematic things my faves hv done

stan skz felix lino, lsrfm garam yunjin, loona yeojin, aespa ningning, ive, nmixx, rest of the izone girliesmusic babymetal, rhcp, coldplay, linkin park, ariana grande,